aug 2020


Risoworkshop: Iconoclasm / Beeldenstorm with special guest Matt Plezier and Bertus Gerssen

Sat. 12 Sept. 10.00-16.00 u.
Experience with riso is not necessary

Max. 5 participants
Costs 120, – incl.basic material costs and own publication in edition of 20.

A riso printing and self/diy publishing workshop.

Inspired by the current debate on the removal of statues (iconoclasm). Iconoclasm will be the theme, metaphor and starting point of this workshop. What monuments would you like to see removed or built? What are your thoughts on this subject? Through the creation of a riso publication and/or posters we’ll delve into this subject, visually or in word. You are free to experiment to explore and discuss.

This workshop is an introduction into self publishing, diy and riso printing as a tool.



Bertus Gerssen

Has been running Stencilwerck, his riso printshop since 2015 and has worked for a wide range of clients from the cultural sector, visual artists, photographers to activist publishers. As a photographer, Bertus has also self published his own photo book ‘In Situ’, chronicling the DIY alternative music scenes of The Hague. Bertus will oversee the production side of things. What works and what does not work on the riso printer.

Matt Plezier

Since 2015 Matt Plezier has published 75 titles from elaborate art books to zines. He has successfully been attending major international art book fairs the past 4 years. He is a self taught artists that learned the ropes by running a DIY hardcore punk record label and has published records, zines, shirts and designing posters since 1996. He is currently working as a graphic designer but most of all he enjoys exploring the world of the art book and its community.