mei 2017


Tentoonstelling 2 x 5
Opening vrijdag 12 mei 19.00 u.

2 x 5 is een energieke expositie dat werk toont van vijf kunstenaars die afgelopen de Grafische Werkplaats ontdekten. Deze makers nodigden op hun buurt vijf andere kunstenaars uit om mee te doen aan deze tentoonstelling. Een internationale expositie, 8 vrouwen en twee heren…

Deelnemers: Holly Brown (New York), Susan Czechowski (Illinois), Angeline Dekker (NL), Tanja Engelberts (NL), Belinda Fox ( Australia/ NL), Yuliya Gwilym (Ukraine, NL), Stefan van den Heuvel (NL), Kaori Pi (Canada/NL), Lula Valletta (Berlin) & Mr. Pelham (NL).

Exhibition 2 x 5
Opening Friday 12th May at 7 pm

2 x 5 is an energetic exhibition showcasing new print based works by five artists who discovered the Grafische Werkplaats last year. The makers were also asked to invite another artist for this exhibition. They come from all over the world, 8 women and two men…


Workshop Unconventional Printing by Belinda Fox
Saturday 10th June/ 10.00-16.00/ Cost € 90,-geannuleerd-

Different technique’s such dry-point, linocut, woodcut combine with waterinkt.

Join Belinda Fox in a day workshop where the world of the ‘happy accident’ is embraced and unconventional printmaking techniques will be explored. Combining lino, wood and watercolour techniques you will be challenged to create unique prints and see what new ideas can develop in one day! All you need is an open mind and not too much planning!

About the artist: Fox is a multidiscipline artist working in painting, sculpture, drawing and printmaking. Before becoming a full time artist she was a master printer and workshop manager for Australia’s oldest publishing house Port Jackson Press. She has also worked on projects with Crown Point Press, San Francisco USA and Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore. She currently lives in Den Haag. Instagram: @foxbelinda

Monday Printing Club Extra
Monday 26th June 19.30
An evening with three talks of makers: Holly Brown, Belinda Fox and Tanja Engelberts and skype-talk with Susan Czechowski.

Entrance free, please make a reservation on the website. English spoken

Risoworkshop by Lula Valleta
Saturday 8 July, 1-4 pm/ cost € 35,-

let’s go riso!

Reservations for MPC and the workshops

Exhibition 2 x 5
12th May- 9th July
Open at Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10 am.- 5 pm
Extra open during Festival Holaa
7th July 7-11pm/ 8 and 9th July 1-5 pm