Festival Analog

The biannual Festival Analog, one of the largest activities of the Grafische Werkplaats, aims to provide depth to professionals, the team and interested parties. Graphic techniques are always examined and examined from a different angle. The value of the festival lies in engaging in experimentation, talent development and knowledge exchange between young and established artists. The festival is an event where different disciplines come together and where participants are challenged to develop talents. Festival Analog takes place in and around the Grafische Werkplaats with fixed components: a symposium, an exhibition, masterclasses and workshops. In addition to the workshop, the exhibition can also be seen in other places in The Hague or beyond.

Looking back

The first Analog festival on graphic techniques took place in 2010. From 2014, Festival Analog has been embedded in the workplace policy. The positioning of the festival is then clear and its reputation is growing. Visitors and participants were looking forward to the festival and during the festival makers like to get to work in the workshop themselves. In 2014 organiseerden we Analog Textiel, in 2016 Analog Borders, over de grenzen van grafiek en in 2018 Festival Analog Patronen en in 2021 Analog Eco.

Festival Analog Eco, 2021

In 2020, the festival was postponed for a year due to covid19. In 2021 the festival was all about sustainability. Festival Analog was in line with the global necessity to research the use of sustainable materials and embed them in daily practice. What opportunities does clean working with sustainable inks and materials, for example composed of vegetable material, bacteria or residual waste, offer for makers of graphics or who apply graphic techniques?

Analog Eco kicked off with a symposium, streamed live in the Graphic Workshop by Dutch Ground Media. To be seen afterwards onYou Tube.

The symposium was excellently moderated by Nanette Hogervorst, initiator of the ‘Our World’ platform and of ‘Sustainable Fashion Gift Card’, an expert in sustainable clothing.

Connoisseurs and makers spoke about their vision on sustainability and textile/fashion: Simone de Waart of ‘Material Sense’, connoisseur and specialist in the field of materials; Kim Poldner, lecturer ‘Circular Business’ The Hague University of Applied Sciences, University of Wageningen; Two exhibitors, Dewi Bekker and Laura Luchtman, told more about their work, while designer Aliki van der Kruijs concluded the symposium with a beautiful Zoom presentation in which she talked about the Afterseason project, residual ink from the industry. The workshop managers successfully turned this into screen printing ink for the first time.

The heart of the festival is the Analog Eco exhibition in the Grafische Werkplaats with work by: Dewi Bekker, Yamuna Forzani, Laura Luchtman, Christa van der Meer, Annika Syrjämäki, Tiemen Visser & Lily Higgins. In addition, the work was also exhibited in various windows of sustainable stores in The Hague. The choice and route were carefully composed by Nanette Hogervorst.

After film Analog Eco 2021

Filma of the artists of Analog Borders, 2016