25/11/2022 - 31/01/2023

Expo Grafische Werkplaats

25 nov. 2022-30 jan. 2023

Opening 25 nov: HOOGTIJ#71

Results of a residency in the Grafische Werkplaats of three young artists.

The printed works share the the notion of removing letters from their evocative nature Putting a distance between the letters and their knowledge through the means of figuration and abstractions. This results in new etchings and screen prints by the individual artist, but also by them collectively.

Kai Ming Li (1999 in Leuven, België). Printmaking as the main focus or medium of Kai Ming’s work. His work explores how the use of different material and arrangement of image-making effects and impact our visual feeling. Kai Ming also participates in the publication and editions of original print that are involved with traditional printmaking techniques and explore the possibility of different ways to present them in our contemporary context. With extensive knowledge and experience in woodworking, Kai Ming Li also works as an instructor at the printmaking workshop at the Koninklijk Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (KABK) in Den Haag. Currently based in Den Haag and also working as a trainee at Studio Thomas Ankum.

Alexander Koch (Born 1999 in Auch, France). Alexander Is a visual artist primarily focused in the medium of painting, printmaking and combined sculptural frames. Born to classical ballet dancers along a family tradition of classical art and raised in a world of digital entertainment, Alexander draws inspiration from both worlds and marries them together in an exploration of painting, printmaking, sculptural frames and assemblage. He is looking for exciting ways of narrating the relation between subject and world through painting. Recurring elements are constantly shifting between the roles of performer and stage, their identities being warped through the constant renewal of the picture. Graduated from the Royal Academy of art, Den Haag with a BA in Fine Arts (2022). Based the Netherlands.

Robin Phoenix Whitehouse (Born 2000 Cornwall UK). Robin Phoenix Whitehouse’s, practice stems from an interest in working with relations and situations. His works addresses his presence in the current time and place, it looks back at what has happened as much as looking forward as to what is it to come. Working predominantly with traditional processes, but considering notions of them and somewhat questioning them in today’s scene. He’s currently living and working in Den Haag and spent the most past of this year in studying in Paris studying at the Beaux Arts, specialising in screen printing.