28/08/2023 - 15/12/2023

From 28 Augtust untill end 2023

M.C. Escher and the infinity

In the Escher year, the Grafische Werkplaats is organizing a project on the theme of infinity and Escher in the form of an exhibition, workshops and master classes, showing how contemporary makers and the Werkplaats relate to Escher’s work. In 2023 it will be 125 years since the artist M.C. Escher (1898-1972) was born. With the comprehensive Perpetuum Mobile project, the Grafische Werkplaats takes part in this special jubilee year in The Hague, the city of Escher.

The Perpetuum Mobile project in 2023 consists of three parts: an exhibition, workshops and two master classes. Participating artists: Bahman Eslami, Paul de Jong, Moe Kim, Miranda Meijer, Annemarie Slobbe and SOGOshow, Jason Terlouw (animation) and Ivo Brouwer (design).

Escher and graphics are inextricably linked. Escher’s career as a graphic artist began at the age of seventeen with a linoleum cut, after which he experimented with various printing techniques throughout his career. Escher used a wide variety of graphic techniques in his work, from etching and lithography to relief printing and mezzotint. In this he was a very skilled craftsman. Escher’s journey through the graphic art is the guiding principle for the Perpetuum Mobile project in the Grafische Werkplaats. With a broad programming, we take you on a journey of discovery through both the graphic techniques that Escher used and the themes that he expressed.
In all aspects, this contemporary, accessible project Perpetuum Mobile is completely in the spirit of Escher. Education, exhibition, master class: everything according to the project design of Ivo Brouwer, who in his work as a typographer always explains infinity within a grid of letters.

Exhibition Escher today

Eight contemporary makers from The Hague (Bahman Eslami, Paul de Jong, Moe Kim, Miranda Meijer, Annemarie Slobbe, Ivo Brouwer and artist duo SOGOshow) investigate what the theme of infinity means in their work in relation to graphics and the work of Escher. During a working period in the Grafische Werkplaats, they are stimulated and supported to discover new graphic techniques and to use them for new work on the theme of infinity. After an introduction to the graphic technique of their choice, the artists dived into the workshop this summer and were given the freedom to work on their project. Never seen before, contemporary makers who have been inspired by Escher – both technically and thematically. In this way they show Escher’s infinity, not only technically, but also philosophically. The exhibition is accompanied by an artist’s publication, which will be offered for sale during the exhibition.

Fr. 29 sept: 19.00 u opening during HOOGTIJ with opening by Judith Kadee, curator Escher in het Paleis.

Education project

In two-hour workshops, children, pupils, students and adults, led by the Cultural and artistic education team of teachers, will become acquainted with a simple graphic technique. They will gouge their own design in linoleum (or foam) and print it several times, creating a repeating pattern. Appropriate, because this is also the first graphic technique that Escher himself worked with at the age of seventeen.

The workshop is offered in the Grafische Werkplaats as well as at schools and during events such as Festival De Betovering during the autumn holidays and Ooievaarspas day.

Artist Jason Terlouw translates all results into an autonomous animation. This work is projected during the dark days of autumn on one of the large windows on the Prinsegracht, so that the work can be seen from the street side. In addition, the animation will also be available online, among others on the website of the Grafische Werkplaats and on social media.

Masterclasses Mezzotint and Lithography

Mezzotint and lithography are graphic techniques used by Escher that we do not see every day in the workshop. That is why we would like to devote attention to these technical tour de forces in the Escher Year. We are organizing two multi-day masterclasses: Mezzotint led by Sjoerd Tegelaers and Lithography led by Jurjen Ravenhorst. Click here for more info.

Perpetuum Mobile is possible thanks to additional funding from the Municipality of The Hague.