There are facilities to screen print on paper and on fabric at the Werkplaats.

Lighting equipment

The Werkplaats has two vacuum exposure units and Akticop lighting equipment for exposing screen printing screens. There is also a rinsing cabin available.

The largest format screens that can be used have an outer measurement of 108 x 148 cm.

Silkscreen frames for rent:

If you don’t own your own screens you can rent them. Screens for rent with an outer measurement:
* 140 x 100 cm
* 130 x 100 cm
* 113 x 98 cm
* 98 x 73 cm
* A3 en A4 screens

Screens for printing on paper have mesh in various formats. The textile screens are covered with either 43T or 48T mesh Please indicate well in advance which screen you want to rent so we can reserve it for you.

The Werkplaats has squeegees in various formats. Light sensitive emulsion and the corresponding emulsion remover can be purchased at the Werkplaats.

Printing your design.

You can print your design on A4 and A3 tracing paper in the workshop.

Is your design bigger than A3? Our A1-printer, the Epson Stylus Pro 7880, has a roll width of 61 cm. You can print silkscreen films with this printer. Note that it may only be operated by the supervisors. It has a roll width of 61 cm and is exclusively intended for printing screen printing films. Designs bigger than A3 can only be printed on Monday and Wednesday. Send a message to make an appointment for this at:

Printing table for paper:
  • A Martin printing table with a surface measuring 120 x 170 cm.
  • A printing table with a surface of 85 x 70 cm
  • Printing table with a surface of 95 x 75 cm
  • A semi-automatic printing table with a surface of 140 x 190 cm and a squeegee guiding rail.

We work with water-based inks and make use of the Sebek brand. It’s unwise to mix inks by different brands as the inks might not combine well chemically. You can bring and use your own water-based ink. But please make sure not to mix them with our own.

Natural inks

We are specialized in printing with natural inks and have all the facilities and knowledge for this in-house. We also manage a dye garden in the Mariahoeve district. More info about the garden.


Silkscreening at a semi-automatic printing table