The Grafische Werkplaats has several Risographs: digital stencil machines on which you can make your own prints, creatively and easily and at a low cost. They are simple to use and the results are quirky and unconventional.

You can connect the A3 risos to a computer, the other A4 machine cannot. Are you working at the Werkplaats for the first time? Then please make an appointment on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, or, even better: follow the Opstap riso course first.

Printing and material specifications for the Risograph:

A4 riso (non-computer operated):
80 to 210 grams paper
Print colours: red, blue, black, brown and green, yellow and neon pink.

A3 riso (two machines, computer controlled:
Printing colors orange, black, red, teal, fluor pink, blue, yellow, burgundy red, gold (metallic gold, double price).

Look for more prices at Prices.

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