Exhibition Baracca Graphics

with Diana van Hal, Ibrahim R. Ineke, Saskia Meesters, Manuela Porceddu ,Yvo van der Vat, Kitty van der Veer and Robert de Visser.

Opening op Hoogtij op 29 september, 19-23 u.
Expositie 29 sept- 5 nov 2017

Yvo van der Vat (1974, Voorburg) Artist/ Situation Composer/ Organiser/ Initiator, Yvo van der Vat makes installations and creates situations on the edge of public space at the sharpest of the cut.

Robert Visser, visual artist/ painter, Constructive paintings/ abstract graffiti, mail/ facebook/ instagram-

Manuela Porceddu (1977) is a graphic designer. She does commissioned work and visual arts. She’s inspired by the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze. She likes to experiment with printing techniques and photography. More on her site:

Saskia Meesters, visual artist, lives and works in Dordrecht. Her work consist mainly of sculptures, installations and drawings. The relation light, space and moving are central in the investigation.

Kitty van der Veer (1979) is an artist and illustrator. She studied Fine Art at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Her work is characterised by recurrences of visual language and a love for combining traditional printing, drawing, digital art and modern reproduction techniques. A common thread in her work is the movement between emergence and decay.

Diana van Hal (1954) Academy of fine arts in Rotterdam. She is currently working on a project with the working title: Tribal Prints. A project on identity and diversity. The main technique she use is the linocut. Graphics, specially relief printing, is her home country you might say. From there arises basically everything.

Ibrahim R. Ineke (born 1976) is a visual artist based in The Hague. He works mainly in the medium of comic-books, exploring its historical connection to the 19th century Penny Dreadfuls, stating the case for comic- books as the quintessential Gothic art form. His most recent book Eloise was released March this year by Sherpa.