Burendag= Paint day! in collaboration with Het Oppimp Atelier of the Cultuurgebaar foundation
Sunday, September 25, 1 p.m.-4 p.m.
Location: outside and inside for Het Oppimp Atelier, Middin, Zwedenburg 147, The Hague

On this day, De Grafische Werkplaats and Het Oppimp Atelier will dye clothing and fabric with natural paint from the dye garden in Mariahoeve. In addition, they will paint ‘tie dye’ with normal paint. You can join! Drop by! Reservations are not necessary!

Dyeing fabric with natural inks

We are going to dye clothes and fabric with ink from the dye garden. You can later also use your dyed garment or a piece of fabric to pimp up your clothes in the Oppimp Atelier.
Note: you can’t just do this: you have to stain the fabric first. We will do this on Wednesday afternoon 21 September in the Grafische Werkplaats. There is room for 10 T-shirts. Your shirt should preferably be made of cotton and white or light colored. You can hand in on Monday (between 9 am and 5 pm) or Wednesday before 11 am. at the Graphic Workshop, Prinsegracht 16, The Hague.

Tie Dye

In addition, we will tie-dye with normal dye. You can also participate in this. Bring a T-shirt or piece of cloth. Here too, light colors and preferably cotton apply as much as possible.

The painting process takes at least an hour.
This day was made possible in part by the Oranjef


Location: ’t het Trefpunt, Middin, Zwedenburg 147, Den Haag
het Oppimp Atelier: see