Analog Patterns



In 2018, the biennial Analog Festival of the Grafische Werkplaats investigates working with patterns within the visual and graphic arts.

Festival Analog Patterns takes place from 25 May to 16 June. The festival kicks off with a symposium on Friday afternoon, April 6.

The festival consists of exhibitions, presentations, workshops and a participation process around the theme of patterns. The closing ceremony is a festive gathering in the Old Center of The Hague. For this festival, the workshop works closely with Escher in Het Paleis.

Artists participating in the exhibition Analog Patterns in the workshop (25 May – 16 June): Rachel Bacon, Suzan Drummen, Anne Geene, Christie van der Haak, Ingrid Greijn, Rabi Koria, Bureau RNDR, Masaaki Oyamada, Wouter Willebrands.

Festival Analog Patterns is made possible in part by the Municipality of The Hague, Gravin van Bylandtstichting, Fonds1818, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Zuid-Holland, Stichting Stokroos, STROOM and all participating organisations.



Fr. 6 april
Symposium and start source exhibition

Fr. 6 april -14 may
Source exhibition in the Grafische Werkplaats

Fr. 25 may-za. 16 june
Festival Analog Patterns with exhibition, workshops and lectures in the Grafische Werkplaats.

Fr. 1-sunday. 3 june
Participation Festival Design Kwartier on location

Fr. 8- sunday. 10 june
Participation Festival Holaa!

Saturday. 23 june
Pattern Party (location to be announced.)


An iniative of Grafische Werkplaats

Project management: Carola van der Heijden with thanks to the board and the sounding board group of the Graphic Workshop (Eric Laken, Beleke Bagchus, Donald Morris, Ben Faydherbe, Paul Combrink, Eugene van Veldhoven and Gerrit-Jan de Rook)

Production: Annika Syryamaki, Jurjen Ravenhorst, Joy Jonk, Ilse Versluijs and Jerney de Wilde

Festivaldesign: Dennis Koot

Guest teachers: Loes van Oosten, Jan Willem Tulp and Carmen de Veer

Teachers: Hanna de Haan, Stefanie Scholte, Annika Syryamaki, Ilse Versluijs, Jerney de Wilde

Trainees: Hilal Mutluel and Lisa van Osch

Photography: Bertus Gerssen and Kim Bosch

Volunteers: Aqeela Chaudhry, Lidewij Corstiaans, Dan Dickhof, Tanja Engelberts, Camille Francoise, Gert-Jan van der Kooij, Thea Kors, Gerard van Kuilenberg, Hans Jansen, Henry Jelsma, Sandra Rachel, Lourdes and Jane.


The workshop

The Graphic Workshop organizes a participation project one year and an in-depth project the next. Because of the possibilities and the value that the theme of patterns offers for both goals, the workshop now merges participation and delving into something into one project, in the belief that both will reinforce each other.

The two-yearly in-depth festival Analog has become an integral part of the Grafische Werkplaats. The festival inspires and enthuses people, it gives opportunities to talented people and offers depth to professionals and enthusiasts.

The participation projects are an accessible way to connect the workplace with the neighborhood and the city, and professional artists and art with the social domain. In this section we will look for the patterns in the old center of The Hague. What patterns do you encounter and what do they tell you? A study that offers you the tools to create your own patterns for your neighbourhood.


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