The permanent team of the Werkplaats is small (coordinator, technical supervisors and board) surrounded by a flexible layer of trainees, volunteers and teachers. The enthusiastic team has a great passion for art and design.

Coördinator & Supervisors

Carola van der Heijden


You regularly find her in the workshop. She has a coordinating role, combines her art and marketing knowledge, and also stimulates participants, her colleagues and interns.

Jurjen Ravenhorst

Technical Supervisor

He masters all techniques, but his real specialty is lithography.
Present: every friday
skills: lutho, etching, silscreen analog (not digital)

Julian Sirre

Technical Supervisor

He is originally a graphic designer and works on Mondays. He has many digital skills, but printing posters on the semi-automatic machine is his greatest passion.
Present: nearly every monday
Skills: digital design/ printing, silkscreen and riso

Annika Syrjämäki

Technical Supervisor

She is specialized in screen printing on fabric and manipulation of fabrics, masters most techniques and has good digital skills.
Present: last monday of the month
skills: textile silkscreen, natural inks, digital design/ printing.

Ilse Versluijs

Technical Supervisor

Visual artist, generalist, specialized in screen printing and relief printing. In the past year she has been intensively involved with lithography. She coordinates the Paint Garden in Mariahoeve and knows everything about natural inks.
Present: every wednesday
Skills: natural inks, silkscreen, litho, lino.


Rik Buter

Visual artist and gives the Step-up etching course.

Bertus Gerssen

Bertus is a photographer, maintains our riso machines and gives the riso workshops.

Hanna de Haan

Graphic artist specializing in intaglio and wood printing and regularly gives workshops to pupils and students.

Anastasia Krylova

Anastasia is visual storyteller and printmaker. She is old-intern of the werkplaats. She supervises CKV lessons.

Eric de Vries

Photographer Eric de Vries regularly gives workshops on etching with toyobo plates.

Ilse Versluijs

Ilse is a real generalist and gives the Step-up screen printing course in textiles, a workshop on natural inks, and supervises CKV lessons.

Stefanie Scholte

Visual artist Stefanie Scholte supervises the CKV workshops.

Lula Valletta

Visual artist, specialized in making booklets and regularly gives CKV lessons.

Jerney de Wilde

Illustrator and visual artist Jerney de Wilde supervises the ckv workshops.

Mariska Gewald

Illustrator Mariska begeleidt de ckv-workshops.

Dan Dickhof

Artist and arthistorican supervises CKV- lessons.

The Board of the Werkplaats

  • Sanne Luteijn, chairmain
  • Valentin Neevel, treasurer
  • Tanja Engelberts, secretary
  • Dieuwke Spaans, member

Advisory Group

  • Melle de Boer
  • Lisa Blaauwbroek
  • Eugène van Veldhoven
  • Qasim Arif
  • Tanja Engelberts


The workplace offers at least two internships (MBO/HBO) per year. We are a recognized training company. We have no places free in 2023. Are you interested in doing an internship? Send an email to or look at News.

The interns of 2018:
. Hilal Mutluel
. Lisa van Osch
. Annemieke Laban
. Isabella Kors

The interns of 2019:
. Lola Beekink
. Lieke Kleverwal
. Sophie Verwaaijen
. Sheida Hedayati

The interns of 2020:
. Lois Mali
. Istvan Hutter
. Cato de Weert

The interns of 2021:
. Gilles Broersma
. Anastasia Krylova
. Sterre Meijerink
. Jonah Pieterse
. Saiye Ozdemir

The Interns of 2022:
. Kaja Majoor
. Jasmijn Doornewaard
. Marieke van den Berg

The interns of 2023:
. Zoe Thielsch


The Grafische Werkplaats likes to work with volunteers. They support the workshops, help with the exhibitions or do various other activities. In addition, there is a group that maintains the paint garden in Mariahoeve on a voluntary basis.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? Send an email to She will then contact you quickly.

The current volunteer team consists of:

  • Lidewij Corstiaans
  • Dan Dickhof
  • Gert-Jan van der Kooij
  • Hans Jansen
  • Ed Verschoor
  • Peter van der Heijden
  • Wander Otten
  • Sheersha Mukherjee

Ink Garden:

  • Lidewij Corstiaans
  • Carola van der Heijden
  • Ilse Versluijs
  • Ellen Toet
  • Carmen de Veer
  • Fasan Aloel
  • Elizabeth Williams de Garcia
  • Leonie Brandner

In collaboration with the Tuinen van Mariahoeve / the Gardens of Mariahoeve (Jan Morsch).