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A book launch and fundraising will take place at partner venue Page Not Found

Th. 23 May 19:00
GAZA fundraiser: book presentation with Matt Plezier & Zeloot

TH. 11 July, 18:00
Workshop helping pigeons, artist-walk & book presentation

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Boekhorststraat 126-128
2512 CT Den Haag


GAZA benefiet: boekpresentatie met Matt Plezier & Zeloot

23 Mei v.a 19:00

Twee deelnemers aan de expositie ’50 Jaar Grafiek op de Bres’ in de Grafische Werkplaats bundelen hun krachten voor een benefiet voor Gaza.

Shahid Book: Shahid is a 300-page collection of screenshots of social media in light of shadow bans, censorship and cancellation of profiles and posts on Gaza since October 2023.

: Illustrator Zeloot and designer/artist Cengiz Mengüç donated Riso-printed posters that were specially printed for this series of events.

Kleding: Hand-drawn shirts by Jizz Taco, queer performer and designer.

There are drinks and snacks, zines, prints, books, minimal speeches and maximum conviviality. A space to meet new people and friends and build solidarity.


19:00 Doors open

19:30 Presentation, book and artist involved

20:45 Raffle hand drawn shirts

21:00 End

With all proceeds going to Ele Elna Elak (“What we own, you own…”), a small voluntary team in Gaza that supplies much needed food and basic necessities for Gazan families. 

Workshop helping pigeons, artist-walk & book presentation

Th. 11 July, v.a 18:00

the walk starts at the Grafische Werkplaats

For the exhibition ’50 Jaar Grafiek op de Bres’, Shani Leseman and GC Heemskerk are working on a project about pigeons. The artists aim to raise awareness about the city pigeon and its ‘string foot’ condition.
During this workshop, you will learn how to catch a pigeon so you can free it from waste wrapped around their feet.

Afterwards, there will be a book presentation by and with Shani Leseman and GC Heemskerk.  

Donations are collected for Stichting Stadsduivenhulp.