Analog Festival Programme

Symposium & Opening

Th. 9 Mei, 12:30-16.00 Symposium festival Analog 74-24, various speakers. West
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Th. 9 Mei 19:00-23:00 Festive opening of the exhibition
50 years Graphics at the Barricades at the
Grafische Werkplaats, with speaker Ruud Aardbodem, co-founder of the Graphic Workshop, and a performance by the medieval punks The Plaguebearers.


13 Mei 19:00-21:00 MPC: RISO Stickermania

17 Mei 13:00-16.30 RISO Protestposters
with Saber Javanmard

25 Mei 14:00-16:00 Guerilla Printing
All ages. Bring a T-shirt to print on.

10 Juni 19:00-21:00 MPC: De Blauwe Aanslaag

15 Juni 14:00-16.30 Patch up workshop
with Feministische Handwerk Partij

22 Juni 14:00-16:00 Community Building
with James Parnell (cancelled)

6 Juli 14:00-16:00 Lego-printing all ages

8 Juli 19:00-21:00 MPC: DIY etching

Book presentation, tour en extra’s

Th. 23 May, 19:00-21 Page not Found
GAZA fundraiser: book presentation with Matt Plezier & Zeloot
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Fr. 24 May, 19.00-23.00 HOOGTIJ#77; 18.30-19.00; opening HOOGTIJ in Grafische Werkplaats

Fr. 14 June 19:00, Tour and artist talk
Grafische Werkplaats

Th. 11 July 18:00 Page not Found (Cancelled)
Workshop helping pigeons, artist walk & book presentation with Shani Leseman & GC Heemskerk.
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During the Festival

9 May – 12 July

Exhibition 50 Jaar Grafiek op de Bres
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Exhibition Design Museum Dedel
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-Students/ OoievaarsPass 50%discount, Please book via

Language of symposium: EN

Language of workshops: NL +EN, depending on the participants.