Exhibition Analog Eco



May 12-28, Mon. until Sat. 1 pm-5 pm, Grafische Werkplaats, free admission.

Closed at Pentecost, also open during Hoogtij#65 on Fri. 28 May 7 pm – 11 pm.

The Analog Eco exhibition at ‘de Grafische Werkplaats’ will be the heart of the festival. Six artists/designers create some artworks on-side and present their research and results during the exhibition.

The participating artists are Dewi Bekker, Yamuna Forzani, Laura Luchtman, Christa van der Meer, Annika Syrjämäki, Tiemen Visser & Lily Higgins.

Pop-up presentations in the city
During the festival, a compact presentation of each Analog exhibitor can be seen in various sustainable stores in The Hague. Look for more information.


Dewi Bekker

Dewi Bekker’s work revolves around the manufacturability of visual identity. By creating playful installations she investigates materiality relating to the human body. She uses objects, sculptures, the human body, casting techniques and textile handicraft techniques. This allows her to move between tactility, recognisability and alienation.

Dewi Bekker and Christa van der Meer are part of the collective ‘Das Leben am Haverkamp’ (The Hague, KABK). For the festival, they will participate individually and link their research to their own practice.

Christa van der Meer

Christa van der Meer playfully explores how we relate to what we wear. This approach results in performance, sculpture and objects. Materials and techniques are usually the starting point for her projects.

Yamuna Forzani

Yamuna Forzani (UK, lives and works in The Hague; KABK) is an artist, designer and LGBTI + activist. She uses colourful and graffiti-like fabrics for her clothing designs. The outfits she creates with these fabrics are inspired by the ballroom scene (LGBTI + subculture in which performance, music and fashion come together). It serves as a personal form of expression for Forzani, who is herself part of this community. The visual language of her designs plays with the body and sexuality, the psychedelic aesthetics from the 60s and the current visual culture of social media and kitsch.

Laura Luchtman

Laura Luchtman (lives and works in Rotterdam, Hogeschool InHolland and Akademie Vogue) focusses with her textile and pattern design studio Kukka on experimental colour- and material research. They are driven by the environmental and social aspects of sustainability. Her work is characterized by a conceptual approach and graphic signature. For Festival Analog Eco, Laura researches natural pigments from bacteria and poisonous plant species.

Annika Syrjämäki

Annika Syrjämäki (Sweden, lives and works in The Hague; KABK). Her motivation is new developments in textiles and materials. In her work she researches the manipulation of textiles using screen printing as a technique. One of her sources of inspiration is nature and how to mimic these textures. This often results in work with graphic patterns in textiles and paper.

Tiemen Visser & Lily Higgins

Tiemen Visser (lives and works in Rotterdam; Artez and Gerrit Rietveld Academie), is a textile-, product- and texture researcher who is driven by a strong interest in the materials around us and the influence they have on us.

For this project he invites Lily Higgins.(USA, lives and works in Rotterdam; Willem de Kooning Academie) designs social interventions, experiences, and games. Trained as a social designer, all of her work stems from the belief that the rules of ’the game of life’ aren’t set in stone. Her workshops and events use play to explore new ways of living, working, and interacting with each other.